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posted 3 years ago

The government is trying to sneak through a dangerous and costly set of online spying bills. If passed, these bills will create a mandatory new registry of your private electronic data and force you to pay for it.

Most people don’t know about the invasive online spying bills that will be rammed through Parliament this fall, so Canadians are stepping up to the plate, using social media and online videos to educate their fellow citizens.

Those lobbying in favour of this scheme have even asked for the power to dictate how mobile devices are made and how online services work, so that they can force providers to hand over information from text messages, email, cellphones, and online activity. This scheme will hinder Internet choice, hurt small businesses, and hit the wallets of ordinary Canadians. If we don’t act now to spread the word, it will become nearly impossible to stop online spying. 

Go to the source to read more information, share the videos, sign the petition, but most of all get more people informed about this. 

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